Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Ides of March

My kick-off week to Oscar season continued by seeing the Clooney/Gosling political drama this Sunday afternoon. Anyone who knows me would probably have thought that I would have rushed to see this movie when it came out the first week of October because of the subject matter, the actors and the related Oscar possibilities. I was surprised at my lack of motivation to see the Ides of March but that did not get me to the theater. I am glad that Katy and I were talking about how attractive Ryan Gosling is and pondered why we had not see it yet last night.

Clooney directed a thoroughly well written film. The trailers were skillfully crafted to lead the audience in one direction. I honestly had no predictions for what was going to happen or how the movie would end. There is also an excellent score and randomly Leonardo DiCaprio was an executive producer.

Thus far the rumored Oscar movies are still very much a part of early buzz; how the nominations will fall is not yet predictable. This usually prevents me from starting too early but for whatever serendipitous reason I have already seen a few. I aim to start earlier each year and do something new. Maybe seeing more movies sooner is my way of doing both this year.

Happy 31st birthday weekend to Mr Gosling. Man can wear a coat like no other.

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