Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Other Woman

Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton star as the trio of unlikely gal pals plotting revenge on the philanderer that deceived all of them. Hijinks ensue. There was a feeling that was reminiscent of The First Wives Club, this time with all three women out to get the same creep. The physical comedy of Diaz and Mann was hilarious and somehow the friendship between the women was believable. Yet even more surprising was the continued believability of the relationships with the addition of Upton's stereotypically ditzy character. She seemed more like their kid sister than a recently discovered second mistress.
Taylor Kinney plays Leslie Mann's brother in the movie and he definitely stands out. Kinney stars on tv's Chicago Fire. The hunted husband is portrayed by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from HBO's Game of Thrones. While I was not aware of either actor prior to this movie, Coster-Waldau slipped into another accent by mistake a couple of times leaving a less than stellar impression. Nicki Minaj, who always seemed annoying, was funny in her supporting role as Diaz' assistant. The casting of Diaz' lothario father was an amusing surprise so I leave that for the reader who has not yet seen the movie as well.

Nick Cassavetes directed. He is best known for directing The Notebook and previously Cameron Diaz in My Sister's Keeper. His father was independent film legend John Cassavetes. While the score did not particularly stand out, it was good and the soundtrack was very strong.

At the box office The Other Woman has been dubbed a surprise hit. Despite negative reviews from critics, the movie led last weekend's box office against Captain America and has made more than 47 million worldwide. My friend saw a screening of the movie and had been disappointed that it was not as funny as she had hoped. This lowered my expectations and led to me enjoying the movie much more than I would have without that warning. There was also a really great Sopranos joke that I think much of the audience I was in missed.

As April ends, the slump that follows Oscar season and precedes the summer blockbusters, is coming to a close. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens this Friday, May 2nd, X-Men: Days of Future Past opens May 23rd and Maleficent opens May 30th to name a few.

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