Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sex Tape

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel star in the latest R rated comedy to hit theaters this summer. Segel co-wrote the script and executive produced the movie. Reuniting his stars from Bad Teacher, Jack Kasdan directed. Reactions via imdb and Rotten Tomatoes were poor and critical reviews were unfavorable. Entertainment Weekly sent a mixed message of a C+ rating and yet included the movie in its Must List in the movie's release week. With a domestic opening weekend box office just under 15 million, Tammy fared better in its recent opening Independance Day weekend with 21 million. I found myself laughing much more at Sex Tape than I did at Tammy. While criticized for being uneven in tone, I found the juxtaposition of raunch and heart warming moments provided a good balance. I am the comedy lonewolf this summer. I did not enjoy 22 Jump Street as much as everyone else -- I liked it, but I did not love it; I would be happy to keep rewatching the first one. I actually thought Sex Tape was good, and I am among the few. Diaz and Segel's characters were sweet and there was a good supporting cast in Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper. There were also a couple of fantastic surprise cameos.
This summer my comedy conclusion is that the success of comedies is one of the most difficult of genres to predict. Horror movies always make money. That's why there are always so many sequels. They are cheap to make and bring in box office regardless of star power or quality. Next up in the R rated comedy releases is Let's Be Cops. That movie would not exist without the success of the Jump Street movies.

If asked prior to both of their releases, I would have thought Sex Tape would be Cameron Diaz's big comedic hit of 2014, not The Other Woman. Both Diaz and Segel have solid enough careers as stars and in their behind the scenes work to weather the weak reception of Sex Tape. The movie has also made back the money it cost to make it in two weeks' time. Diaz is still having an amazing year with her movie releases overall and the huge publishing success of The Body Book. Girl has her own door on the Tonight Show, come on.

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