Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Switch

I thoroughly enjoyed the Switch. I've read about the poor opening box office, I attribute that to the fact that people just didn't go to the movies that weekend. The parking lot was noticeably empty for a Saturday night, and yet the theater I saw the Switch in, was full. Just saying.

The movie is laugh-out-loud funny. Much to the credit of Jason Bateman. His scenes with Jeff Goldblum in particular are hilarious. Bateman's rapport with the young character, Sebastian, played by Thomas Robinson, are sweet and humorous. I don't understand the backlash often directed at Jennifer Aniston. I like her, I enjoy her, I won't defend or convince why others should like her.
Amid the rom-com antics, there is genuine emotion and this flick passes my most stringent romantic comedy gage, it didn't make me gag and has no "too cheesy to tolerate" moment. Also, I think the Switch is better than the Back-Up Plan. I think its cool that unconventional ways to make a family are being portrayed in mainstream movies. There was nothing specifically wrong with the Back-Up Plan, but it wasn't great. The Switch is funnier, in my opinion, and has less set-ups for the laughs; my laughs came during the Switch from the dialogue.

I think my next movie will be Going the Distance, so the romantic comedy blogs continue!

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  1. Good review! I agree- laugh-out-loud funny. You heard me, I'm sure! And yes, I loved the kid. "Oh my gosh. I have that too." was my favorite line!