Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Movies

I've got some catching up to do! In my humble opinion, it has been a slower summer blockbuster season this year. That said, there have been some great summer movies! Inception, clearly excellent and the most original. Toy Story 3 continues the premium quality of Pixar flicks and both Knight and Day and Salt were dang fun rides. Below is a mix of the Toy Story 3 trailer with Inception audio. Very fun (thanks Laura).

As I will be covering several movies in one blog, the time has come to test using a grading system. I've decided to with a basic 4 star system, with a movie graphic.

Toy Story 3
Scene at: Clackamas Town Center with Laura and Jerre
The typical disappointments that can accompany a sequel, certainly do NOT apply here! It pretty much goes without saying that the animation is impeccable. I can not wait to see it a second time because I was so engrossed in the characters and their perils, I couldn't wait to see how things worked out. It will be nice to slow down and enjoy it on second viewing. Its a testament to the film that animated toys can make me cry. The time in development and the strength of the writing make it all possible. ····

Knight and Day
Scene at: Bridgeport with Laura
I'm a sucker for spy movies, they are just fun! And this was light and playful, a good summer popcorn flick. I really like Cameron Diaz and though I am not a Tom Cruise fan, this is definitely on my movies-with-Tom-Cruise that I like list. Good action, global locales and humor. ···

The Invention of Lying
Scene: on HBO, at home
What a surprise this was! The dark comedy written by and staring Ricky Gervais takes place in a world where lying does not exist -- meaning no exaggerations, no fiction and a blunt lack of sugar coating. It was surprisingly toughing and I highly recommend it. It really has a deeper level to it. I think the home format and having zero expectations really opened me up to it. Check it out. ···

Scene at: Clackamas Town Center with Laura
Just like the marketing of this film, I'm going to say very little about this dream-scape movie. Another amazing Christopher Nolan pic and totally fantastic. To date, the best of summer. ····

Charlie St Cloud
Scene at: Cedar Hills with Katy
The reason to see this movie, to look at Zac Efron. Which is why I saw it and enjoyed the time I spent watching it. Ghost is still the better movie when it comes to dearly departed love ones lingering among the living. ··

Scene at: Bridgeport with Mindy and Candie
Fun with spies, part two! I'm not the first to make the comparison, but Salt is like a female twist on the Bourne Identity action flick. Angelina doing what she does best, being badass (I am of the opinion that she is also an excellent actress, ie Changling, Girl Interrupted, but doesn't strong acting make the ride more fun, when its well executed?). Do you think there will be a sequel?

And friends whom I go to the movies with, we've got to take pictures together at the theater! Otherwise, I have no pics to add to the blog! Plus don't you want to appear in the blog?!

Up next, Eat Pray Love!


  1. I love that you saw 3 of the movies with me, and a fourth this weekend! We are awesome, and I love your reviews!

  2. Ha! I'm your first follower! Lead me, Katie!!