Friday, November 5, 2010

New trailer!

Time to update my movie blog. I know, I know, it is about time.

My decision to update came because I just saw the trailer for the Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston movie that comes out 2/11/11, Just Go With It.
It looks fantastic! Its just the sort of Adam Sandler rom-com that are my favorites of his (50 First Dates, the Wedding Singer). And, I think we can all exhale a sigh of relief, looks like Jennifer Aniston's finally due for a hit!! Plus with a V-Day opening weekend -- no doubt.

With Oscar season ahead, and all the seriousness that that entails, its exciting to know a solid rom-com will be out in February.

I have not been to the movies since early September, thus explaining my lack of movie blogging. I never did post about Going the Distance, which was very cute. Good solid rom-com. Drew Barrymore uses colorful language and its really funny. I saw it with Mindy at Clackamas Town Center over Labor Day weekend -- good grief that seems like forever ago. Makes me realize what a great run I was on late summer/early fall. I would go to a movie, know which one I was going to next and be sure to blog about the last one I saw before seeing the next. I was even taking pictures and at Going the Distance, more creative ones, thanks to Mindy.
Last weekend I recently re-watched SATC2 on DVD, which purchasing was no easy task. I accidentally bought the Blu-Ray, which I do not own. Target was kind enough to exchange, and then that copy had a crack in the special feature disc. Third time is the charm, I now have a good copy, in the correct format. I'm eager to watch the special features. Looks like no commentary though.

Shout out to Marla's Movie nights! Every Friday. We have watched so far: Hot Tub Time Machine, Leap Year, Killers, Julie and Julia, Babies, Practical Magic and Date Night.

A couple of weekends ago, I red boxed The Joneses. Its Demi Moore and David Duchovny, very fun, very clever commentary on upper-middle class suburbs. I had seen the trailer and knew I wanted to see it. Seems to have gone straight to DVD -- which is not a reflection on the movie. Its one where the movie is actually as good as the trailer and the trailer is not the whole movie. I watched Greenburg with Laura back in mid-September, her first experience at the red box machine. That was not so good and an example of when the trailer and what the movie could be, is better than the actual movie.

I don't know what I'll be seeing next, but hopefully something soon! Marla's Movie Night is tonight and Thanksgiving is upon us. That long weekend usually means at least one trip to the theater. I vow to movie blog more. ;)

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