Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Best Christmas Movies

My favorite Christmas movies are:

  1. A Christmas Story

  2. The Grinch (the original animation)

  3. Elf

  4. It's A Wonderful Life

  5. The Family Stone

  6. Home Alone

  7. Love Actually

  8. The Holiday

  9. A Charlie Brown Christmas

  10. One Magic Christmas

Judge my list all you want, these are my favorites. I LOVE holiday themed rom-coms: Love Actually, The Holiday and When Harry Met Sally. I know When Harry Met Sally is not technically a holiday movie, but I always think of it that way and make a point to watch it at this time of year. I watched it on Sunday in fact. I've used a couple of songs from it on my various Christmas CDs (Winter Wonderland by Ray Charles most notably).
I can guess that Meet Me in St Louis (which I do watch every year), White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, and Christmas Vacation top many peoples lists.

What are your favorite Christmas movies? Let's see some comments and dialogue peeps!!


  1. Annabelle's wish.

  2. "One Magic Christmas" is probably my favorite Christmas-specific movie, closely followed by "Meet me in St. Louis" and "It's a Wonderful Life." It's hard to have time to sit and watch a movie at full-length these days, but I need to try to get these in! I've been looking for "It's a Wonderful Life" in WIDEscreen and can't seem to find it in anything but fullscreen! Travesty!