Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Green Hornet

The fact that I was able to screen a movie almost a full month before its release date, definitely cool. Emily has a way with scoring the passes.

The Green Hornet is a comedic super hero movie, based on the radio show, the Green Hornet. Seth Rogen stars as the title character and he also co-wrote the script.

One of the first scenes of the movie includes, what I feel, is a hilarious cameo (and I totally called it before the person's face was shown).
I thoroughly enjoyed the pace and humor of the movie. It pokes fun at the super hero genre in a very entertaining way. And there is some genuine ass kicking. I enjoy Seth Rogen and his comedy style cracks me up. The soundtrack, is excellent, featuring Coolio and the White Stripes.
I take a movie for what it is. When watching a silly comedy, I draw my conclusion as such. When I watch an Oscar contender, evaluating it is much more analytical and much more of a critique.
I was all in for this movie, but there came a point, when I could no longer suspend my disbelief. It was fun but it did feel a little long.

The photos for this blog had to be taken after the movie. Part of the screening is that you are not allowed to bring even a cell phone into the theater.

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  1. I agree it really got quite silly, but the fact it was making light of the genre, i had to just enjoy! popeye!!!!!