Sunday, April 10, 2011


I really enjoyed Arthur. I commented on my first time seeing the trailer in a previous post and gave the details of how I have been a fan of Russell Brand's longer than any other stateside folks at that time. The movie definitely delivered. It was what the trailer promoted but was not only the lines/jokes from the preview. Jennifer Garner played very against her girl-next-door or even spy-badass types. Her character is not likable and there are jokes at her expense. She of course looks hot the whole time. Dame Helen Mirren continued her recent excellence in comedy (see last night's hosting gig on SNL and the impression given by previews for the movie Red). The relationship between Brand and Mirren's characters has depth, is well-written and their exchanges are often hilarious. The run-time of the movie feels good, satisfying in length but not too long. Good laughs, not a ton of laugh out loud moments, but enough. Specifically, enough from the not as-seen-in the trailer moments. I was surprised by the moments that had me welling up. I feel like I have been saying funny and heartfelt frequently as of late in my posts. If the shoe fits.
I recently watched the original Arthur, which like myself is 30 years old this year. I am a big fan of the more modern updates the new film has. Without getting too heavy for a comedy, it is much more socially responsible. If not in the script originally, I can't help but think Brand may have insisted upon seriously addressing his character's alcoholism. Brand often honesty, comedic, and self-deprecatingly discusses his life before and to sobriety. The movie also pays tribute to the original. Even with the updates and additional backstory and depth of the main character, the film follows the plot points of the 1981 movie almost exactly. I was waiting to see if I would hear Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do). I like the song more for the episode in Friends in which it is referenced than the movie but the new cover was good and well placed as the second song over the end credits. In paying close attention to see the band that redid the song (Fitz and the Tantrums), I also noticed curiously that Dermot Mulroney is credited as a performer on the track Hello I Must Be. Random and very interesting.

Also, I very much loved seeing the trailer for Larry Crowe (out July 1) with Tom Hanks and Julie Roberts on the big screen. It was my first time seeing the previews for Something Borrowed (May 6) and the full Super 8 (June 10) trailer. Those are the three I liked the looks of from the five or so that played. I also snuck in a six inch veggie delight from Subway. I did buy my small diet coke from the theater, so when they have more than almonds, pretzels and raisins exceeding 600 calories, we can talk about me eating their food when not seeking a treat.

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  1. Read the Entertainment Weekly review of Arthur. Owen Gleiberman should really just not be allowed to review certain movies. And what kills me, he isn't even the Oscar expert! He's just a movie snob! The print mag also features a sidebar listing the modern updated items vs the 1981 version. He did not even get the facts correct on Brands' sobriety portrayal. If you can not be bothered to pay attention to the movie and get the details right Owen, then have someone else with the publication do the review. I still loathe his review of Hitch. I got a pen and marked it up I disagreed so strongly.