Sunday, June 27, 2010

Great Oak Film Festival

Friday June 18th, I was lucky enough to attend the Great Oaks Film Festival -- Short Films Under the Stars. I was lucky, because this is an invitation only event in Walla Walla. One of the two couples that host the event, are clients at the vet clinic where Jennica works.
The first movie was Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty. A very funny twist on the fairy tale, Granny tell the little girl a bed time story. The "evil" fairy is not so much evil, as just offended to have not been invited to the party because of her age. Animated and excellent visually.

De Beste Gar Forst (United We Stand) is a cute film about a group of octogenarians on their annual hiking trip. A pretty young woman is found, stuck in mud calling for help. Each of the men assist her out of the mud, and then are stuck themselves. Singing and jovial up to the minute of their demises.

The protagonist in Beats Per Minute is a young man from Europe who loves to dance. He receives his big break, a call from Hollywood.

Probably the zaniest and funniest of the shorts, Istallet for Abrakadabra (Instead of Abracadabra) is about a young man who still lives at home, who does magic. His mom is supportive (to the point of injury) and his father has had enough.

The Moon and the Son is animated and deals with the film maker's grief and difficult relationship with his father. His father had ties to the mob and spent time in jail during his son's childhood.

There was a technical difficulty with the subtitles for 7:35 De La Manana (7:35 in the Morning). It was announced that this film would be played at July's festival.

With people who resemble mannequins, Fits and Starts is wacky and fun. A couple drinks orange soda on a couch.
There were delicious drinks and yummy dishes. The hosts provide a drink (lemon basil vodka gimlets) and an entree (homemade sausages) and the guests bring wine, side-dishes, deserts and appetizers. SO good!

Any one know of any other events like this? Please invite me! Flicks on the Bricks, Ferris Bueller's Day Off is July 23rd at 7pm.

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  1. I wish you could make it to the next one this month! Great write up on it! Cute pic too!