Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sex and the City 2

I'm delighted to say that upon second viewing, my fondness for the much anticipated sequel to my beloved series, was much improved. As much as I loved having Cosmos beforehand and seeing the movie opening weekend, decked out with my girls, I was a bit disappointed. Scott suggested before seeing the movie that I do a blog about movies. I decided that once I gave SATC2 a second chance, I would start my blog.

 The movie begins in Manhattan. Even the studio logos have been Sex and the City-ed with glitter and glam. A delightful remix of the well known theme plays and ebbs into a remix of Empire State of Mind with Alicia Keys. Glimpses of how Carrie and Co met in the 80s are a sweet treat. How time has passed in the last two years for the four begins to unfold and the story shifts to Stanford and Anthony's Connecticut wedding. While grateful that the pairs initial disdain for one another was acknowledged, I still would have liked an explanation of what happened to Marcus, Stanford's boyfriend when the series ended, and a bit more of how Anthony and Stanford became a couple. A constant discussion throughout the movie is the modern and traditional definition of marriage and how everyone shares and varies in their definitions, mainly how Carrie is adapting from ultimate single gal to married life.
We've grown to love these characters for the New York dwelling friends that they are. The departure to Abu Dhabi, is difficult to love as more than half of the film takes place there. Clearly Michael Patrick King, who helmed the series and the first film as well, was looking to take us on a fun adventure, to forgo the drama and darker elements of the first film. While executed, something is lost in the move. I did enjoy the adventures abroad more the second time around. The extended time away from New York was the main hang-up I had with the movie the first time around. That and that the characters seem to become more caricatures of themselves when away from home. I heard many say one of their biggest beefs with the first film was that the time in Mexico was too long. I did not feel that way about the Mexico trip, so in a way I find my perspective on this all the more perplexing. When I saw the movie the second time, maybe it was that I was prepared and also really motivated to be loyal to my SATC, but I did get much more of a kick out of it.
The movie is visual stunning, the fashion more over-the-top then ever before. This is a hallmark of the franchise, always pushing the envelope. The production value is flawless, no critiques there.
As the box office has been less than stellar, outlook for a third film is not promising. My enthusiasm for another venture would depend on a guaranteed glowing love of the movie on first viewing, not one that I would have to learn to like/cheer-lead myself into. That is completely unrealistic, but my sentiment. I mean how many of you would be motivated to go see a third installment opening weekend? The film does leave with a 'The End' visual, so maybe all will be left to our imaginations at this point. The four will continue to lead their lives in New York and take the time to travel to exotic locations for quality time together.