Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rabbit Hole/Blue Valentine

Each of these two films have one Oscar nomination each, for Best Actress.

Nicole Kidman is excellent and strong in Rabbit Hole. She consistently delivers strong performances. The subject matter is difficult, the loss of a young child, but the journey of the movie is engaging and well executed. Aaron Eckhart and the entire cast, including Dianne Wiest and Sandra Oh, give extraordinary performances.
Blue Valentine features Michelle Williams as a wife whose marriage is struggling. The story of the present is woven with flashbacks of how the couple met in the past. Williams is another actress who is selective about her work and chooses serious roles. I absolutely don't understand why the MPAA initially gave the movie an NC17 rating. Blue Valentine is fairly depressing and not one I'd see again or recommend. I think I'm spoiled with the quality of films on this years Oscar ballot.

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