Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Town

Excellent caper. Ben Affleck's second directorial effort is stellar. So well done, well plotted and such a strong cast. While I make it no secret that I am a big Jon Hamm fan, he is so good as a determined FBI agent chasing the Charlestown bank robbing crew led by Affleck's character.

I must say that I am disappointed that the Town's only Oscar nod is Jeremy Renner's Best Supporting Actor nomination. The Town is available to rent on DVD.

I have been watching Oscar nominated films at a breakneck speed, so my blogs may be a little shorter than usual. I will also be providing my pre-Oscar tips and a blog of Sunday's SAG awards. Also going to do a ballot of which films I would vote for and which I predict will win. I'm going to hold off on my predictions until we get closer because part of accurately estimating the winners, is keeping a pulse on the buzz building up to the ceremony.

As always, happy movie watching!!

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