Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Social Network

How Facebook came to be, not a simple story. The film is basically a modern morality play. The dialogue is SO fast. I am so grateful that I watched it in someone's home and we were able to rewind and take a breath as needed. I know that Aaron Sorkin's script was written with legal documentation as source material, but I really struggle with how true this "true" story is portrayed in the film. Particularly as a Best Picture nominee (The Fighter, 127 Hours and the King's Speech are also based on true stories) that is the toughest competition facing the King's Speech.
Trent Reznor's score is wonderful, a very well deserved Best Original Song nominee. The movie is well done, but not really for me. Jesse Eisenberg hosted SNL last night, and Mark Zuckerberg appeared as himself. Very interesting. Zuckerberg did say that he had seen the movie and he displayed a good sense of humor about himself. He also grinned like a fool. I don't think we as the public will ever really know if Zuckerberg is a good guy, or a bad guy. That's not really the point of the film.

Also, check this out if you've seen the movie. As seen on facebook site:

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  1. UPDATED: The oldest evidence of me being on fb that I can find was from 2/6/06. So right around the time it was 2 years old (still had to have a edu email). My sister Patty remembers when it was still "the facebook" and was on within the first year of the site's existence, end of 2004. She remembers when it came to SU.

    Saw the movie for a second time before the Oscars and it is growing on me. I love the score, glad it won best score and am eager to see it again.