Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bad Teacher

Movie night takes a field trip to the theater. I am extremely tickled to say that all four of my teacher friends made it to see Bad Teacher this afternoon -- Dana, Kari, Laura and Marla. The group was rounded out by the Kates -- me and Katy.
Me with the good teachers - Kari, Laura, Marla and Dana
The movie is funny, clips right along and thankful has a plot. I was a little concerned that it would just be the trailer or that all the good parts were in the trailer. Poor Justin Timberlake, his character is just sad (will have to see him in Friends With Benefits with Mila Kunas next month). My favorite scenes were those in which Cameron Diaz' character and Jason Segel's interact. Though brief, Eric Stonestreet (Cameron on Modern Family) is odd and funny as Diaz' Craiglist roommate. Not a new favorite, but all in all a fun flick. I am fairly certain that I laughed more during Super 8. Sounds odd, but that movie is really funny. Yes, I am still singing its praises. I do love summer movie season though. Looking forward to FWB, Larry Crowne, The Help, Crazy Stupid Love, and of course, the last Harry Potter. September 30th is going to be a funny weekend too, 50/50 and What's Your Number? both come out that day. A nice way to bridge summer to fall. Do I have you on imdb or youtube yet watching trailers?

My review of Split is not as kind. The cocktail menu on their website, not current. The new one is being printed, so in the meantime, they do not have one. The mojitos Dana, Katy and I had before the movie were not the best or as Katy so kindly put it, they were "different." It is so conveniently located to the Bridgeport movie theater, I have a hunch I will give it a second try.

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