Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Super 8

In the spirit of the filmmakers' (writer/director JJ Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg) efforts to keep details of this project to a minimum, my comments will be brief.

This is the best movie that I have seen in I do not know how long. Go. See. It.

The film takes place in 1979, the music, the fashions, the sets, the sense of the 70s meeting the 80s, it's all there. There is humor, it is constantly laugh out loud hilarious, even in the tensest of moments.

To quote Miss Emily Ficker, who so graciously shared her passes for this sneak peek with me, "It's ET meets Stand by Me for the 21st Century." And might I add, Close Encounters of The Third Kind, with some serious dashes of Goonies. We also agreed that this will go down as the best movie we ever see with passes. This movie is MINT! There are classic Spielbergian elements and the strength of Abrams directing and writing are evident. Any Lostie can tell you the man is genius.

I would like to stand on a limb and say this will be the best movie of the summer. I should hope that America makes this movie number one at the box office for the next several weeks. Heck, this may be the best movie of the year. It is everything a movie should be. I just hope it is recognized for technical awards at the very least come Oscar season. Throughout the experience of watching this film, I kept marveling at how good it is.

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