Tuesday, June 7, 2011


As Katy Hagert lent me her copy of the novel The Help by Kathryn Stockett, she expressed her concerns about the movie adaptation that opens in theaters August 12th. Being familiar with the trailer, as I began to read the book, the same concerns crossed my mind. My thoughts became cyclical when I considered the following jumble of facts: Octavia Spencer, who portrays Minny, one of the three main characters, is friends with both Stockett and Taylor Tate, writer and director of the movie. Actress Spencer met Stockett, the author via their friendships with Tate. Stockett has been quoted as saying Spencer "is Minny" and thanked Octavia Spencer in the acknowledgement in the book. Tate secured the movie rights before the book was published. Tate and Stockett grew up together in Jackson, Miss, where the story takes place.

I read this book in about a week's time, I loved it. I stayed up too late several nights reading and any time I had a spare moment got in as much time with the book as I could. I am also really sad that Oprah never did a show about the book and is off the air to feature one with the cast, filmaker and author of the book (a la Eat Pray Love this time last year).

Now that I have finished the novel, I have viewed the imdb listing of the cast, curious as to whom is portraying all the characters. Some moments featured in the preview and the presence of some characters or absence of others, cast serious doubts on the translation from print to film. Despite that, I look forward to August.

Alas, I may have just committed a cardinal rule for movie watching enjoyment, see the movie first, read the book after!!

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