Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

I was very apprehensive about seeing this movie. In the end I am glad I saw it. I had read about the violence in the books and I know how squeamish I am. Katy was the perfect person to see the movie with because we had the same qualms but were motivated to see it. The insanity of the Bridgeport theater that led to us seeing a later showing and getting drinks, that helped too. Both of us also agreed before and after that we can not handle reading the books. The images as you read are far more detailed and elaborate in your mind than a movie. I love to read and reading a book before seeing a movie is better in that as a reader you picture the characters and scenes, not as the cast or sets in a film adaptation; reading is much more limitless. Books always have more and that's just not the kind of more I can handle, I need the limits with the type of subject matter that The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo deals with. I am happy to report neither of us had bad dreams last night. Whew. There is disturbing violence and sexual assault but thankfully in the two and a half hour plus movie those scenes are a small part.
The plotting and pace in director David Fincher's film are solid. The elaborate story and mystery are well executed. Trent Reznor is Fincher's go to musician these days and he and Atticus Ross create damn good scores. In a style similar to that of last year's Social Network, an excellent score overall. I do appreciate a quality score. The interpretation of In the Hall of the Mountain King during the scene of the Winklevoss' crew race in England, still a standout for me.

As far as the Oscar chances go for this movie, I think it will receive multiple nominations but will not win in major categories. Fincher is consistently recognized by the Academy and Reznor won Best Score last year for the Social Network (deservedly) and a repeat seems unlikely. The acting of Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara is solid but not Oscar worthy nor do I think they will receive nominations. Mara is on the short list for Best Actress but Craig is not on that list for Best Actor.

In case you missed it, the trailer for the Oscar show, is fantastic. Billy Crystal and other A-listers partnered with Funny or Die to make the promo.

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  1. I am the opposite! The book was graphic, but I think it is less vivid for me to read violence in books, than to see & hear on the big screen. Read the book, saw the Swedish movie, and can't wait to see the Hollywood version.