Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jeff Who Lives at Home

Jason Segel is Jeff, the kind hearted stoner who lives in his mom's basement. His brother Pat, portrayed by Ed Helms, is not so sweet. Pat is more of an adult in the conventional sense, he has a job, an apartment and a wife. These do not necessarily indicate maturity. Mom Susan Sarandon gets her own plot line in her cube at work. We soon learn that Jeff is not the conventional stoner, he just feels really strongly about finding his destiny. And the movie Signs.
 The film is definitely an indie and takes its time to tell its characters' stories over the course of a day. The score is fun and fitting and the writing style and acting successfully bring the characters to life. If you enjoy movies like Away We Go, Sunshine Cleaners, and Cedar Rapids, you will like this film.

And on DVD...
Midnight in Paris
If you have not seen Midnight in Paris, do yourself a favor and see it. You do not have to be a Woody Allen fan to enjoy the humor and whimsy of the film. Allen most deservedly earned the Best Original Screenplay Oscar he won. Owen Wilson is at his best and carries the movie with humor and charm. The supporting cast is extensive and excellent. I fulfilled my wish to google to my heart's content about art and the real life people referenced throughout the film when I watched the movie for the second time at home.

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