Sunday, March 25, 2012

American Reunion

All the original cast members are back for Reunion, even the minor characters. Surprisingly it felt like a real reunion. Looking back, these actors looked so young back in 1999! Didn't we all. When was the last time you thought about Thomas Ian Nicholas in Rookie of the Year. The same clever casting of Nicholas in the original Pie movie, makes the nostalgia of a reunion all the more on point. Being from the class of 99 myself, the coming of age aspect of the movies always seemed personal. I enjoyed that he characters acknowledged early in the film that it was a thirteen year reunion and were not trying to play it off as the more conventional ten year reunion. I enjoyed all of the sequel movies but this one is my favorite. There were only two years between each of the first three Pies and Wedding. It has been nine years since American Wedding hit theaters. The time since the last one gave the writers much more to work worth and they fully developed the characters.
 Available April 3rd on iTunes, the soundtrack is excellent, a few new tracks and some great tunes from the 90s. I was reminded of how great all the Pie soundtracks are and loaded the previous three CDs to my iPod. And in a further example that everyone is all grown up, Seann William Scott and Jason Biggs are both credited Executive Producers.
The replication of the original poster is spot on and very fun.
As I waited in line for the American Reunion screening with Emily, just in front of us in line were the couple that saved us seats for the Artist. This time we officially met Helki and Jose. Nicest, most normal people I have encountered in the screener lines. Hopefully we will all see each other again at the next one. There is also something to be said for enjoying a comedy in a theater. Laughing with a group of people makes it even more enjoyable. See also Bridesmaids, the Hangover and Wedding Crashers for these types of theater going experiences.


  1. this was one of the beat screeners & i think it was meeting our new friends & seeing they were normal too! :-)

  2. welcome, newest Lamb member!

    I loved American Reunion, and am seeing it again this Monday. I agree completely that it was exactly like being part of a real reunion. The characters are so reminiscent of people so many of us know.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I don't think I have actually seen American Wedding, but I enjoyed the first two films, and I was also nearly the same age as I was class of 98. I will definitely have to catch this one at some point in time.

    Also, welcome to the LAMB!

  4. Part of me feels like I should see this for Nostalgia reasons, but I can't quite find the will for it. I'll probably catch it on DVD at some point though. Glad you enjoyed it!