Friday, March 9, 2012

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

A film about the unlikely story of a government scientist unwillingly tasked with bringing Atlantic salmon fishing to the desert of Yemen may not sound the most entertaining. Premises do not always shed light on the tone and feel of a movie. I was completely charmed by this film. If you are not one to suspend your disbelief or to root for the underdog, I suspect you may not appreciate the movie in the way that I did. To me it never seemed forced, corny or cheesy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I laughed heartily, I was invested in the characters, and I cried -- all my favorite things to experience when viewing a movie. I am eager to read the novel the film is based on. I suspect that with repeat viewings this movie will become one of my favorites.

Ewan McGregor has been number one in my top five for years and suffice to say, he is one of my very favorite actors. Right on the heels of a performance I loved in Beginners, he delivers again in Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. I am also a big fan of Emily Blunt and she is equally delightful in the film. Kristin Scott Thomas is a feisty government PR rep and contributes much to the movie. The wealthy sheik funding the project is beautifully played by Amr Waked. There are gorgeous landscapes throughout the movie and the film has a fun, genuine style. 
I was able to see the movie at a sneak peek with the queen of obtaining screening passes, my friend Emily. Our enjoyment of the film was complimented by a glimpse of our future. Sitting next to us, were two women in their sixties who were dead ringers for the pair of us in thirty years. Apparently in the future we will talk whenever we feel like it during a movie. Somehow they chatted not in an annoying way, but in a manner that was endearing.

Random trivia:
Conleth Hill, the actor portraying the boss of McGregor's character also stars in this year's Best Live Action Short Oscar winner, the Shore. Incidentally, the photo on imdb for Hill, is not accurate. It currently displays a picture for another actor in the Shore.

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  1. Glad you liked this one. I was hoping to see it this weekend, but it looks like I won't make it until later. I like Ewan McGregor but his character seems so strange in the trailer. Still, I'll give it a shot.

    Oh, and PLEASE don't turn into the talking people when you get older. I can't stand them! LOL!