Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dark Shadows

As the credits ended and the overhead lights came back on, a Regal employee asked Laura and I if we liked the movie. In a word, yes. He then added that Johnny Depp fans like it. To which I replied, "yeah, we fit that category."

This film is a classic Tim Burton vision, a Beetlejuice flourish here, a Corpse Bride-esque darkened eye and pale complexion there, and of course, Helena Bonham Carter (she is great with an American accent, as is Depp with an English one). The Burton-Depp collaboration is one any fan of theirs would enjoy. Johnny Depp is also a producer on the movie. It is the producers that have the power, the say and that win the Oscars.
The score by Danny Elfman was fantastic as are all of his Burton film scores. The songs selected for the soundtrack were equally terrific hits from the late 60s and early 70s; The Moody Blues' Knights in White Satin kicks things off over the opening credits. With the Carpenters, Donovan and Alice Cooper also making appearances. Steve Miller Band's The Joker also makes it into dialogue. To sum up as Barnabas did, "I really enjoy the music of this era. 'I'm a picker, I'm a grinner. I'm a lover and I am a sinner. I play my music in the sun.'" sizzle. The end credits feature a Killers cover of the Raspberries' Go All the Way.

I am not familiar with the 1966-1971 soap opera for which the film is based upon but I have heard boomers reflect on it fondly. The cast of characters are the same in name and there seem to be acknowledged nods to the original throughout the movie.

The movie has many laughs and is very fun. This is certainly a fantasy so be ready to suspend your disbelief. The extensive main cast that includes, Michelle Pheiffer, Eva Green, Jonny Lee Miller and ChloĆ« Grace Moretz, is strong. Get your Depp on.

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