Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Hunger Games, the Lucky One and the Five Year Engagement

I have not blogged in awhile. Life has been busy to say the least. That's part of it. I think the main reason for my delay is that the last three movies I saw in theaters were not that wonderful. Seeing the films with Dana and Kari, and watching Rum Diary with Laura was great though.

The Hunger Games
The widely anticipated adaptation of the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy was very well done. It was a great movie and was also a memorable movie going experience. I saw the film with Dana. Midway through the movie, right at a very serious and poignant scene in the story, a man walked out and yelled, this movie is messed-up, why are you here? Well, sir, maybe you should inform yourself before you go to the theater. Just because something is popular and not what you thought it would be, refrain from attempting to ruin others' time at the multiplex. Despite this interruption, I did enjoy the movie and I have only positive things to say about it. The experience of reading the book was just so powerful that even the best interpretation by a movie pales in comparison.

The Lucky One
Another book adaptation. This marks a first for me -- I read my first Nicholas Sparks novel before seeing the movie. There is a certain amount of cheese that comes with a film based on a Sparks book. There was just too much in this one. It was more A Walk to Remember and very much less than the Notebook. The acting is poor and too much of the story had been changed from the book. Taylor Schilling is a very bad actress, beautiful and very well cast in the role of Beth, but not a good actress. Blythe Danner was a highlight, as was Zac Efron's bod.

The Five Year Engagement
I was very eager see to this flick. I am a big fan of both Jason Segel and Emily Blunt. There were many hilarious moments and the extensive supporting cast including Parks and Rec's Chris Pratt and Mad Men's Alison Brie was excellent. One plot complication just ruined things for me. If you see it and you know me, you will know what I am talking about. If you enjoyed it despite some events, I am genuinely happy that you did because I could not get past it.

And on DVD...
Rum Diary
Laura and I were planning to watch the new Muppets movie but after three Red Boxes I was done searching. I know you can reserve online and there is an app for that but it all worked out. Fresh on my mind from our top five movies as friends, I saw a picture for Rum Diary as I headed back to my car, nearly defeated. The movie is based on a Hunter S Thompson's novel and is a must see for any Johnny Depp fan. The wacky exploits of an American journalist in Puerto Rico during the 1950s unfolds hilariously. There was line after line of laugh-out-loud dialogue. A very fun flick for those who would like the Hangover crossed with the Mexican, taking place in the 50s. I am also very excited to see Dark Shadows this week with Laura. I am optimistic that the film will end my slump.

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