Sunday, May 13, 2012

Las Vegas special edition for Scott and Shannon

In honor of Scott and Shannon's wedding in Las Vegas, I give you some of my favorite Vegas pop culture moments on film, and one from tv. After all, there would be no blog without Scott suggesting it!

Ocean's Eleven
George Clooney and Brad Pitt leading a crew that was originally made up of the Rat Pack? Fantastic. Blows the original away. Say what you will, I love the third one too.
Fools Rush In
I have not watched this one in awhile but when I was younger it was one of my favorite romantic comedies. I saw it at a theater that no longer exists.
Honeymoon in Vegas
Another fun one from youth. Much more fun than Nicholas Cage's Academy Award winning role in Leaving Las Vegas. And all the flying Elvises you can imagine.
I just watched this tonight in honor of the Vegas edition. Classic gangster Scorsese. Excellent use of classic rock and Vegas standards for the soundtrack. I was a bit daunted by the nearly three hour run time but over the break for Mother's Day dinner, my sister Erin told me how fantastic it was and when I resumed watching the last hour and ten, it was much improved. I think that is where the plot picked up for me. The end is perfection.

On the mini bus to the wedding, the question of how Vegas became what it is was asked by Miss Foltz. I stand by my answer, the Mob.
Thanks for letting me borrow the DVD Cup.

The Hangover
A contemporary classic often referenced. Saw a normal looking dude in Vegas carrying his baby a la Zach Galifianakis and actually said "oh sh8t" when I saw it. Really? I hope it was being done ironically. Also love the tag line, "Some guys just can't handle Vegas."
One of my favorite arcs of the show, just for Ross and Rachel's drunken wedding. At the champagne brunch at Paris the morning after the wedding I could not help but think of Joey "here's where I win all my money back."

Honorable mention to Bridesmaids. The ladies never quite made it there but they had a memorable flight trying. Can not say how happy and honored I was to make it to Vegas to see an amazing couple get hitched.

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  1. Didn't see either of the two "BEST" Vegas movies on this list, so thought I would add, "THE COOLER", starring William H. Macy, Maria Belo & Alec Baldwin... amazing.
    Also, can't ever forget "Leaving Las Vegas". For all of the bad movies Nicholas Cage has made in the past 20 years (he was great in the 80's), this one was stunning. How Elisabeth Shue didn't win an Oscar, I'll never know, both her performance and Cage's were mesmerizing.