Monday, February 17, 2014

Enough Said

Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as Eva, a masseuse, who meets James Gandolfini's television archivist Albert at a party. This movie is fantastic. It is incredibly hilarious and the dialogue is excellent. The first act is the most humorous, though drama sets in as the plot turns to the second act. I sincerely hope that Enough Said wins the Spirit Award for Best Screenplay. Much like Philomena, ultimately these were characters I liked spending time with and I did not want either of the movies to end. The cast is full of great actors, Toni Collette, Ben Falcon, Catherine Keener and even brief appearances by Michaela Williams, Jessica St Clair and Christopher Nicholas Smith.
James Gandolfini is nominated for Best Supporting Male at the Spirit Awards and Julia Louis-Dreyfus was at the Golden Globes for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical. She won for her television show Veep. Nicole Holofcener wrote and directed Enough Said. She also did for Friends With Money, Lovely and Amazing, Walking and Talking and Please Give. Catherine Keener has been in all her film work to date. Keener appeared, at least briefly, in many other movies involved in this year's awards season, Bad Grandpa (her part as the deceased Grandma, as well as a gag with Spike Jonze, was cut), Captain Phillips and The Croods. Enough Said is available at Redbox, OnDemand, on Amazon Instant View and on DVD and Blu Ray.

Enough Said is the first of the final two films of James Gandolfini to be released posthumously. We have lost many more actors than usual as of late, and many so young.

Available for home viewing...
All is Lost
Robert Redford stars as a man who wakes up to find that a stray shipping container has collided with his sailboat. To say the least, difficulties ensue. Redford is the only member of the cast and is only known in the credits as "Our Man." I am so sorry, but this movie was very boring. I think Tom Hanks already mastered the whole alone and lost at sea thing in Castaway. Granted these are very different films but without a Wilson, it is difficult to remain engaged with practically no dialogue for nearly two hours. I kept watching because I did want to know how it ended. Zachery Quinto is an executive producer which I did find very interesting. All is Lost has one Oscar nomination for Best Sound Editing. Often when a film is nominated for sound editing it is also nominated for sound mixing. Four of this year's nominees in the two categories are the same. Sound editing is the selection and assembling of sounds for a film. Sound mixing is the layering of sounds, putting them all together for the finished product. An interesting blog describing the differences can be found here. For the cut and dry answer, scroll down to Some Basic Definitions in bold. Gravity is expected to win both of the sound categories. All is Lost is nominated for four Spirit Awards and lost Best Sound at the BAFTAs. 

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