Monday, February 3, 2014

Entertainers of the Year 2013

Better late than never...**UPDATED** below

Melissa McCarthy
With Identity Thief and the Heat in theaters and a small but memorable role in the Hangover III, McCarthy had the movie side of entertainment covered. She also continued to star on the sitcom Mike and Molly and hosted SNL for the second time. She hosted for the third time this past weekend, but that is of course part of 2014. McCarthy's star has been rising since her memorable role in Bridesmaids in 2011, for which she was nominated for an Oscar. Not a common feat in comedy. 
Sandra Bullock 
With the comedy the Heat and the drama of Gravity, Bullock had the full spectrum of movies covered in 2013. She received her star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame in November and was nominated for awards ranging in a Golden Globe, a SAG, an Oscar, a BAFTA and People's Choice and Teen's Choice Awards which she won. 
More popular than ever and with new platforms popping up constantly, streaming was winning in 2013. Redbox began streaming and Netflix began producing original and exclusive content. The often rumored and eagerly anticipated fourth season of Arrested Development debuted on Netflix. Hits House of Cards and Orange is the New Black were fan and critical favorites. It is an interesting thing to wrap your head around the idea of television shows that have never actually been broadcast being nominated for and winning major television awards like Emmys, Golden Globes and SAG Awards. Streaming allowed for the ever growing trend to binge or watch entire seasons of a television show in one sitting. To watch a movie online, it is almost daunting to select what outlet to use -- Amazon, Redbox, onDemand, Netflix or Hulu. We're spoiled too, there is a special form of frustration when you can not find something on one of the many platforms. 
Benedict Cumberbatch
Cumberbatch was in five of the biggest and/or most critically acclaimed films of 2013. And he stars in the BBC tv series Sherlock as the title character. He was Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness and Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate. I've recently fallen into a bad habit of calling him Benedict Humperdinck and I really must correct that stat. Emily loves him so much I'm sure she'll correct me. Cumberbatch appears in 12 Years A Slave as sympathetic as a slave owner can possibly be. He is sweet Little Charles in the estrogen powered August: Osage County. He is also Smaug in the second installment of the The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I just keep seeing films or reading about pop culture and saying to myself, Benedict Cumberbatch really is in everything! He even voiced a role on the Simpsons in 2013. He was nominated for a Golden Globe for his work on Sherlock, for a SAG for the 12 Years A Slave ensemble, and for an Emmy for the miniseries Parade's End. At the BAFTA/LA Britannia Awards he won the Britannia Award for British Artist of the Year for Star Trek Into Darkness, 12 Years A Slave, The Fifth Estate, August: Osage County, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It was a complete oversight to have not included him in my original post. 

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