Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Watched the DVD this evening. What a sweet romantic comedy. Not the typical ridiculous scenario type. The movie stars Hugh Dancy as the title character with Asperger's and the new neighbor Beth (Rose Byrne) that he meets shortly after the death of his father.

I LOVE that on amazon, it says if you purchase Adam + Temple Grandin you save. See my rendition below. This is because, Hugh Dancy portrays a young man with Asperger's Syndrome in Adam, and Claire Danes, his wife, has won an Emmy, a SAG and a Golden Globe for her role as the real life Temple Grandin. Temple Grandin is a highly educated animal scientist who has developed more humane slaughtering methods, all while coping with Autism. While I mention Temple Grandin, let me take the opportunity to recommend it as well. It is an HBO movie and if I had a blog when I saw it, I would have praised it at the time. Neurotypicals can learn much from the characters and people of both movies.
The soundtrack to Adam is excellent (and available on iTunes). It is very Grey's Anatomy/Catch and Release and features several songs by the Weepies (though only one is featured on the soundtrack album, Somebody Loved can be found on iTunes off the Happiness album). The movie Adam was also a prize winner at Sundance in 2009. I had seen both of the lead characters interviewed when promoting the movie and am glad to have finally seen it.

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