Saturday, March 5, 2011

Movie Night 3/4/11

Last night we watched 127 Hours. It was the first time for Marla, Robbie, Marie, Laura and Jerre. I loved it the first time and knew I would be able to sit back and enjoy it even more the second time. The Zahm's brought brownies and ice cream, yummy treats. Little Julia watched until the main character, real life Aron Ralston as portrayed by James Franco, fell and was stuck by a boulder. She even said, stuck!; I tried to film her saying it.
Everyone had their own reaction to the film. Laura was hoping for more info about the character and Robbie, Robbie wants us all to go canyoneering this summer!

I searched again for the article I read about Aron Ralston after seeing the movie in theaters. The best I could find was the dateline info written by Tom Brokaw.  There is always wikipedia for general info. I know that throughout the awards season, I enjoyed seeing Ralston appear with Franco at events. Most recently, the two sat next to each other at the Independent Spirit Awards. I think this is my most media-heavy post. Here's my original blog when I saw the movie:

Watched Philadelphia on tv (on Oprah's OWN no less); for a movie from 1993, it is still such an excellent movie. The good ones hold up regardless of the year. It will be interesting to see which ones hold up from the crop of 2010 Oscar films.

Update on 127 Hours: just watched the special features on the DVD. We should have totally watched the alternate ending at movie night, bonus scenes with his family! Anne and Jeff watched it last night too, with similar mixed reactions. Anne said once he was trapped, she had trouble staying engaged in the movie. My lovely coworker Joann took my recommendation, watched it today and liked it.

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