Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life As We Know It

The great thing about the home viewing of flicks, is the re-set in expectations. I was originally very excited about seeing this movie but for one reason or another did not make it to my local multiplex. When Life As We Know It was in theaters this fall, I heard mixed reviews. To my recollection it did not do super-well at the box office. Available via Netflix for the first time this week, I was excited to watch it this afternoon. I thought it was very well done. Very funny and heartfelt, it was well plotted. I couldn't help but wonder, did the manner in which I watched it make all the difference in my enjoyable viewing experience? The onslaught of previews and clips on talk shows that is standard practice for the marketing of all major movie releases, often does the movies a disservice. While home viewing has much less of a delay than back in the VHS era, the time between theatrical release and OnDemand/DVD/Redbox/Netflix, certainly helps. In this case, I was entertained.

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