Sunday, August 21, 2011

Midnight in Paris

As the first scene or two unfolded I became concerned, was this going to be an overly talkie movie with unlikeable characters with dialogue that does not remotely reflect reality? Luckily the plot started off and the movie became enchanting and excellent. I can not wait to re-watch at home and google all the referenced artists and writers from the 1920s that I may not have caught on first viewing. Owen Wilson is stellar though one warning, the usually likable Rachel McAdams, is not in this film. I still like her because she is fabulous, her character just is not.
As Midnight in Paris is Woody Allen's highest grossing picture to date and the movie has been well reviewed, some Oscar attention seems fairly definite.
Seeing this movie was an experience thanks to the Parlor Room at Cinetopia Progress Ridge. Jennica and I arrived early and were first to the theater. We took the opportunity to try out every seat and each of the four rows in the space. The room has framed LED screens that tie into the movie currently playing. The screens featured the Eiffel Tower flashing between day and night, a Paris street scene, and works of Monet and Picasso. Before the movie began, the main screen alternated between a poster shot of Owen Wilson in a Van Gogh like stroll through Paris at night and old Woody Allen trailers. The room also has a fireplace and being as it is brand new smelled like new upholstery. The trays with cup-holders were built into the armchairs we sat in. Primo-lux movie viewing. I am so glad that my first experience there was with Jennica. I went with her to my first and all but one of the movies I saw at the original Vancouver Cinetopia.

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