Friday, August 5, 2011

Singin' in the Rain at the Venetian

Last Friday night, the movie night girls took a field trip to Hillsboro to see Singin' in the Rain. The Venetian's website encourages costumes for their summer classic movie series. All in all the whole experience was a good one, however, the man working the ticket booth grouchily told us to put our umbrellas down. Laura had the perfect polite retort, "We were following instructions." And she was the one who found the ponchos, decorated them and presented each of us with personalized mister bottles.

Inside, the man at the concessions was much more cheerful. Much more in keeping of what the true mood of the place should be. He even took a picture of three people in the group with his iPhone! The location is beautiful and very fitting for enjoying a classic film. We seized the opportunity to sit in the balcony. There was an interesting odor but it became less potent or I just got used to it. Food can be ordered from the bistro and there is beer and wine. If in the balcony, alcohol is not allowed and you have to go downstairs to pick up your food. In the main theater seating, food is delivered to you.

I have been lucky enough to experience movies in some very fun ways this summer. I hope that movie night can make another field trip this month to Flicks at the Bricks.
Marla and Marie had not seen Singin' in the Rain before and very much enjoyed it. Sarah, Laura and I enjoyed it again. Such a great musical (there is a purpose for their singing) and as someone pointed out after, it remains one of the best movies about Hollywood.

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