Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Help

I had my concerns before watching the film adaptation of the book I loved reading. Movies based on books is a reoccurring topic in my posts. I am happy to report to those who have read the much beloved novel that this is one of the best movie adaptions that I have seen. The trailer does seem to have a light mood but the movie is as serious as the book and most certainly captures the tone of the novel. The movie is also true to the spirit of the characters. There are a few minor detail changes and some backstories are absent from the movie. Overall it was clear that spectacular care was taken to be faithful to the source material. See my book blog for the filmmakers history with the author of the book.

Big thanks to Emily for having such extraordinary luck in obtaining the screener passes for the Help. I second her statement that this was the best movie we have seen at a screener. It was also the movie that I was most excited to see. Pretty slick of me to be first in line as well.

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  1. I forgot to include in my original post, Lafayette from True Blood, or rather the actor Nelsan Ellis, has a small role in the movie. Was a delight to see him on screen.