Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Movie Night 8/26/11 Ceremony

I had never seen the trailer for Ceremony before seeing it, I only read about it in Entertainment Weekly. I thought it was a romantic comedy with Uma Thurman. It was a much quirkier flick. It started with a decidedly Royal Tenenbaums vibe. Sidenote: I love that any of my friends who do not like Royal Tenenbaums, also admit it apologetically. So cute and cool of my peeps. It is one of my all-time favorite movies but I understand that it is not for everyone. In Ceremony, the main character Sam Davis, is portrayed by Michael Angarano. Angarano was most recognizable to me as Jack's son on Will and Grace (Rosie O'Donell was his mom, just sharing trivia here). In the opening scenes I was struck by the way the main character seemed to be channelling some mix of Mark Wahlberg and Edward Norton. Lee Pace, delightful and dreamy as the piemaker on the short lived tv show Pushing Daisies, plays an actor who reminded me of a clean cut, less endearing Russell Brand type. The movie was not the best but it was interesting and ended well. The end definitely redeemed it. My opinion on the movie would have been downright negative if not for the ending. Watch the trailer. If you are interested, it is available at Redbox.

Marie provided the lastest movie night trend, sugarfree Jell-o, with a playful twist, served in martini glasses!

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