Saturday, February 11, 2012

2012 Best Shorts viewings

I am very excited to see all of the short films nominated in the Best Animated Short, Best Live Action Short and Best Documentary Short Oscar categories in their entirety for the first time. The last couple of years I have spent frustrating hours searching online for nominated short films with minimal success.

The short film categories are often the most difficult to predict but can be very fun to watch. Especially the animated shorts.
I was first made aware of the ShortsHD program last year. Their website is full of viewing information throughout the US and Canada. For whatever reason, location or showtime difficulties, I was not able to check out last year's nominees in this manner. My plan at the moment is to see one of the afternoon showings at Century Eastport on the Friday before the Oscars, February 24th. I am sure it will be a fabulous way to kick off my Oscar weekend. Each year I strive to do more or experience something new for the Oscar season and I think the Best Shorts festival, as Cinemark has dubbed it, will be just the thing. At this time the showtime info on Fandango indicates that there are 10 nominated shorts to view, and there are a total of 15 nominees in the three Oscar categories for short films. That took the wind out of my sails a bit but I am still very much excited to check it out. Based on the info on the ShortsHD site and Fandango it looks like the 10 shorts will be from the Animated and Live Action categories which are the ones I am most interested in as it happens.

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