Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One Day

This movie far exceeded my expectations. I have always liked Anne Hathaway but two of my very dear friends do not like her and their opinions have influenced me in the last year. The movie was not well reviewed when it was in theaters and did not do very well at the box office. Hardly things I care about in movies I love or are determined to see but can be deciding factors when I am not sure if I want to see a movie or not. Bad box office and word of mouth definitely makes a movie more likely to be seen on DVD than in the theater. I had also heard that someone who read the book was not very pleased with the adaptation. Maybe it was all those precursors and lowered expectations but I really enjoyed the movie. I would very much like to read the book now as well and will be picking it up on my next trip to the library.
The story takes place on one calendar day each year over a twenty year period, a unique concept. It is about two classmates after graduation, Hathaway's character, Emma, and Dexter, played by Jim Sturgess. Patricia Clarkson is Dexter's mother and is a delight as always. By the by, what is with the name Dexter being all over pop culture lately. There's the beloved serial killer Dexter as played by Michael C Hall on Showtime and in the graphic novel its based on, the Dex in Something Borrowed, books and movie, and now the British Dexter of One Day.

It seems that my most recent movie viewings have been those that require hankies (the Vow, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close). One Day is sweet, has funny moments and was very fun to watch.

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  1. the premise reminds me of a film fromthe 70's called "Same Time Next Year" - just a little bit. I may be persuaded to see this movie but you know my feelings on you know who!