Monday, February 20, 2012

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

I might have needed to have a stronger connection to the history of this story to have enjoyed it more. It was an intriguing mystery and I was able to follow it but the characters were flat. The movie is about a retired spy returning to find a mole in the British MI6 agency during the Cold War. I think in the UK there is more of a connection because of the first adaptation into a miniseries in 1979 and the book by John le CarrĂ©. le CarrĂ© has a cameo in one scene of the 2011 film. I was very excited by Gary Oldman's nomination for Best Actor. After seeing the movie, I am less enthused. It is a dialogue heavy film and lacks emotion. Colin Firth was a standout in a supporting role. His character had depth and flaws not exhibited in the other characters.
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is also nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. One of the co-writers, Bridget O'Connor, has been honored posthumously. The film's third nomination is for Best Original Score. The music did not make a strong impression one way or the other when I saw the movie. The Artist is the front runner for Best Score.

Additional Oscar presenters announced: the Muppets, Tina Fey, Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Cameron Diaz and Bradley Cooper. This is in addition to the cast of Bridesmaids, Emma Stone, Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Halle Barry, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lopez. Cirque du Soleil will also be performing. Don't forget, Billy Crystal is hosting for the ninth time.

The following are random Oscar items and tidbits that I have been ruminating on this week. Oh how I love the week before the Oscars! I love Christmas but this really is the most wonderful time of the year.

The Best Actor race remains the closest. Ironically, Jean Dujardin's wikipedia entry notes that he has been described as the French George Clooney. The majority of prognosticators say Clooney will take home the statue.

Of the 30 movies that have won Best Picture in my lifetime to date, I have seen 23. Very soon it will be 24/31 because I have seen all of the nominees this year so I'm covered. Once we go 70s and back to the first winner, Wings for 1927/28, my record weakens (38 out of 83). Got some work to do on that. I would like It Happened Won Night to be my first effort in that regard.
Love the site. Such a plethora of information. After searching by nominee for George Clooney here I received this info:
Win indicated by an asterisk (*)
George Clooney    
2005 (78th)      *ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE -- Syriana {"Bob Barnes"} [statuette]
DIRECTING -- Good Night, and Good Luck.
WRITING (Original Screenplay) -- Good Night, and Good Luck. [Screenplay by George Clooney and Grant Heslov]
2007 (80th) ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE -- Michael Clayton {"Michael Clayton"}
2009 (82nd) ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE -- Up in the Air {"Ryan Bingham"}

The fabulous thing is that the information is official and from a reliable, primary source. Not like wikipedia or even imdb.

One more, in honor of her 17th time for the Iron Lady.
Win indicated by an asterisk (*)
Meryl Streep
1978 (51st) ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE -- The Deer Hunter {"Linda"}
1979 (52nd) *ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE -- Kramer vs. Kramer {"Joanna Kramer"} [statuette]
1981 (54th) ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- The French Lieutenant's Woman {"Sara Woodruff/Anna"}
1982 (55th) *ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- Sophie's Choice {"Sophie"} [statuette]
1983 (56th) ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- Silkwood {"Karen Silkwood"}
1985 (58th) ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- Out of Africa {"Karen"}
1987 (60th) ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- Ironweed {"Helen"}
1988 (61st) ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- A Cry in the Dark {"Lindy"}
1990 (63rd) ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- Postcards from the Edge {"Suzanne Vale"}
1995 (68th) ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- The Bridges of Madison County {"Francesca Johnson"}
1998 (71st) ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- One True Thing {"Kate Gulden"}
1999 (72nd) ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- Music of the Heart {"Roberta Guaspari"}
2002 (75th) ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE -- Adaptation {"Susan Orlean"}
2006 (79th) ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- The Devil Wears Prada {"Miranda Priestly"}
2008 (81st) ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- Doubt {"Sister Aloysius Beauvier"}
2009 (82nd) ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE -- Julie and Julia {"Julia Child"}

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