Monday, May 16, 2011


Overall, I did thoroughly enjoy Bridesmaids. Much has been written about a comedy for women, or how this movie really is a comedy for all, and why in 2011 is a movie featuring funny women a headline. Apparently it does not matter how many successful, truly funny projects, created and featuring women are made, this is still news.

Well, a fun movie is good news in my book. There are many human and realistic moments. Those that shed a light on friendship, weddings and their accompanying events, and when life seems to just keep handing a person lemons. I love that imdb describes Kristen Wigg's character Annie as lovelorn and broke. It does seem to me that a few too many things were taken a bit too far. Gross out humor is not my favorite. The other moments more than make up for it and it was a very enjoyable movie going experience. There are some very detailed character layers that base the story in reality, allowing for the zanier times. There is also something so awesome, that I could not possibly mention it in the slightest way, because I would not want to spoil it for others.
The cast is phenomenal. Kristen Wiig is both a co-writer and main character. She even gets in what I swear is one phrase spoken in the Target lady's voice. Maya Rudolph as her marrying best friend, Rose Byrne as Helen the new friend of said bestie, Melissa McCarthy as the, quirky to say the least, sister of the groom (from tv's Glimore Girls and Mike and Molly), Ellie Kemper (Erin from the Office) and Wendi McLendon-Covey (from Reno 911). Jill Clayburgh portrays Annie's mom. This was her final performance before she passed away last November. I had thought that Love and Other Drugs was her last movie so it was a nice surprise to see her in the comedy. Jon Hamm is delightfully awful and Chis O'Dowd is a cute Irish cop.

Also, please be sure to respond to my poll on facebook. I am trying to decide which movie to plan an event for this summer. My top choices are Bad Teacher and Larry Crowne. I have voted and then un-voted, I want to be impartial. Bridesmaids would have been an excellent choice and if it was not so quickly approaching, Hangover II would be another.
Thanks for being patient with the flashing sign to get the picture Kari.

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