Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Hangover Part II

I watched the original the afternoon before seeing the sequel. Having the first fresh in my mind made it obvious the great effort that was made through the extended opening to mirror the first movie. The font of the credits, the phone call, the ominous song over the opening credits with views of a city time lapsed. Every effort was clearly made to touch on as many elements of the first flick as possible. The referenced moments were not forced or overdone and there were enough original moments to make part two its own movie. I do however think that the original was better. The sequel was funny, laugh out loud, need to rewatch to catch some of the lines funny. In an effort to push the limits for the second one, they went much cruder. Some to a funny extent, others just seemed part of an increased penis count.

The soundtrack is not as strong as in the original, though the comedic song by Ed Helms was very funny, and crude. I had previewed the soundtrack on iTunes before seeing the movie. With my advanced ticket purchased Fandango included an offer for the single Black Hell by Danzig. Black Hell is featured in the trailer and plays over the opening of the movie. It is probably the most encapsulating song of the movie. The music seems to be a good analogy for the sequel. Good, but not as great as part one.

Act one is my favorite part of the flick. We know these characters and it is fun to see them live in their wacky traits. Now is certainly the time for the R rated, raunchy comedy. Bridesmaids and the Hangover 2 are fourth and first at the box office this weekend. This is Bridesmaids third week in release, not bad. When asked if I would see Hangover Part II for a second time next weekend, my answer was no, but I would like to see Bridesmaids again.

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