Saturday, May 14, 2011

Water for Elephants

Pre-movie items: the trailer for Anonymous is crazy-good! I highly recommend seeing it in theaters but enjoy it here if you like. Excellent song selection, may just make the trailer. The movie will be released September 30th.

I saw Water for Elephants with Laura who had read the book. When I saw a trailer with her for it, she said that while reading it, it seemed like it would make a good movie. She also said that she pictured the main character as Tobey Maguire. Take that Twilighters. Honestly, I think Robert Pattinson seemed more age appropriate for the role. Interestingly enough, Tobey Maguire's next two movies are book adaptations. The Great Gatsby remake, and as a journalist in Life of Pi.

The movie was well done, no complaints. I think if I had been a bigger fan of the actors, I would have been more into the movie. That is really my only explanation for a less than stellar review. It certainly was much better than the review in Entertainment Weekly made it out to be. The world of the circus and the costumes from the depression era were visually captivating. I enjoyed the scenes most with the main character telling the story as an old man, played by Hal Holbrook. Paul Schneider (previously of Parks & Rec) was great in his scenes with Holbrook.

There is some darkness and violence to the movie, but it is rated PG-13 so it is not too rough. My interest was held and I was entertained, wanting to know how the story ended. The score was also excellent. The old fashioned style credits were also a nice touch. Laura also said that the movie remained true to the book.

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