Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jumping the Broom

The audience made this movie exceedingly more entertaining than I think it may have been on its own. First off, we were laughing hysterically during the previews. There was a very random assortment of trailers and many. One of the last ones was for a horror movie. The screen remained black for several minutes but everyone in the audience knew something was going to jump out at some point. Then we all started laughing. It was great! I loved the guy just down the row from Kari and I who said repeatedly throughout the movie, "No he didn't!" and how great Mike Epps is.
There were many funny lines from the strong ensemble cast. I am sure that there are several things I missed because of the laughter. That said, there were some moments that were a little too melodramatic as well. The audience made the different and seeing this flick was an entirely entertaining experience.

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