Saturday, May 28, 2011

Movie Night 5/27/11 BLACK SWAN

I have been eagerly anticipating my second viewing of Black Swan. I originally saw the movie just as Oscar season began, on a frenzied December opening night in downtown Portland with Miss Katy Hagert. Throughout the first time I watched the movie, I was tense. I was glad that I saw it and it was a great movie going experience, but I could not wait for it to be over. So this second time around I thought, no problem, I know what is coming and I will be able to relax and enjoy with a more critical eye. This proved to be mostly true. I simple avoided a scene early on that haunted me for weeks, by closing and covering my eyes and ears. I made it eyes open through a later gory scene and took more away from the movie as a result. Of course I zipped my sweatshirt up to cover my throat before said scene began, something Laura noted and giggled at. Rightly so. Another reason I was excited to rewatch Black Swan, was watching it with Marla. She is the classic movie watcher who asks questions out loud. I have a personal no spoiler policy that I try to strictly follow. After about her fourth question she said, "you just aren't going to answer are you?"

My conclusion is that this movie is not as great as it has been lauded. It was certainly an Oscar winning vehicle for Natalie Portman and my post about the body-double controversy remains my second most viewed blog. I will say that the characters have depth and the movie was part of a strong year for independent films. That said, there are many moments that are almost laughably too orchestrated to manipulate tension or anxiety. Those moments made me wonder if the movie will age well when the accolades are a distant memory. The film is a great thriller, bordering on a horror movie with the amount of gore included. You may have noticed that I have no posts about horror movies. This is because I avoid them at all costs. I do not even like to watch a preview for one. When confronted by a horror trailer I have been known to look away and cover my ears if need be. Often this occurs before a romantic comedy. Seriously, marketing people, I do not care how many men you think are being forced to see the latest rom com, now is not the time! Black Swan is an excellent thriller and it certainly challenged this movie lover.

Next up...I have had my ticket to The Hangover II prepurchased for days and am excited to see it tonight with my wolfpack of Katy, Kari and Emily.

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