Friday, February 25, 2011

Barney's Version

This film has one nomination, for Make-Up. Hey, I've seen all the biggies, it's getting down to the less known and nominated. The make-up in the film is due to the aging of several characters through several different eras. The Oscar will most likely go to The Wolfman (which briefly resided in my Netflix queue, but even my love of the Oscars could not keep it there) as the make-up in the movie that is the "showier" style usually dominates the category.

The movie is really touching and told with flashbacks and great story telling. Scott Speedman is Boogie, Barney's best friend, and he is as attractive as he was back on Felicity. The movie is based on the Canadian novel. I mistakenly thought before seeing the movie, that it was based on a true story. Clearly I misunderstood Giamatti's comments in interviews for the movie. He explained that Barney is beloved in Canada. I took that to mean that he was a real person, not the beloved character of the 1997 book that he actually is.
Paul Giamatti won the Golden Globe for Best Actor -- Musical or Comedy. While the movie is very funny at times, I'm not sure that it belongs in the comedy category. An award belongs with Giamatti, so why quibble. Also, the actor who plays Barney's son, Jake Hoffman, is Dustin Hoffman's son (Barney's dad in the movie).

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