Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oscar nominee luncheon

There really isn't much to report for this event, but I loved the quotes from the nominees at the event yesterday, February 7th. They are featured in the article below. I also love the idea of all the nominees hanging out together. The luncheon is a significant part of the Oscar experience that I was not previously aware of. It seems to be part of what generates the genuine modesty people speak of when they say, "It's an honor just to be nominated." And you get a certificate that you were nominated. How fun is that?!


Also intriguing to me, how the nomination ballots are counted. If you read the article in Entertainment Weekly's last issue, the link's article is longer and provided more detail.

The Oscars are 19 days away! Ballots are due Tues Feb 22nd.
Here's Dave at ew's 2/3/11 list:

Best Actress nominees:

Best Actor nominees: 

Best Supporting Actress nominees:

Apparently no Best Supporting Actor picture has been released. I don't see Christian Bale in the big photo of all the 151 (of 190) nominees that attended: 
UPDATE: Was watching video on oscar.com. I have such a crush on Dave Karger now! Not only is he the Oscar expert, he is much younger than I would have thought. Very nice.

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