Friday, February 4, 2011

Best Picture Showcase

I've heard about this for the last couple of years. It is a very intriguing idea. I have watched two movies in theaters in one day (in fact I saw 127 Hours and Rabbit Hole back to back in downtown Portland at Fox Tower), but never more. In more than 115 cities in the US, AMC Theaters has a Best Picture Showcase. Over the course of the two Saturdays before the Oscars (Feb 19th and 26th) you see five movies each day. Its a dang good deal too. At $60 for a two day pass, you see all 10 Best Picture nominees, received a lanyard and poster, and a $20 gift card for snacks. Even more extreme, can you imagine watching all 10 movies in one 24 hour period?! The option is only available in 12 markets, but that is one crazy idea! Even for this movie lover. I do love the sound of it though. Its only $50 for the 24 hour bash (that's only $5 a movie and in markets like New York where tickets cost more than PDX, that's a really good deal).

Of course, this is all moot for me. I have seen all 10 (I would still love this event!).

The official theater info link is below. Seattle is the closest location for me.

This is a pretty cool article about the AMC event:

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