Friday, February 25, 2011

My official Oscar predictions 2011

I feel all nervous, all aflutter. But I have inked my final, official predictions. Dave Karger at EW and my selections, overlap in 21 of the 24 categories. My house rules are, you have until the first envelope is opened to turn in your ballot.

Today Entertainment Weekly published online the results of the reader's Best Picture voting. The Social Network won, which given the demographic of readers, did not at all surprise me. I was happy to see that my personal preference for Best Picture of the year, 127 Hours, made it to the fifth round. The most interesting tidbit was that as of last night, the accountants at PricewaterhouseCoopers, had determined all of the winners. The ballots of 5,775 Academy members were due this past Tuesday.

By my estimations and long deliberations, The King's Speech will be the big winner. Unless there is a sweep and the King's Speech picks up wins in categories that it is not expected to, the monarch's tale will go home with four statues. The Social Network and Inception will each earn three a piece.
This year's new envelope design.

Without further ado...

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