Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just Go With It

Well, I had high hopes for this movie. Happy Madison Productions was apparently hellbent on cramming as many stupid sight-gags as they could into what was actually a very funny movie with a lot of heart. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston were hilarious together and had great give and take in their scenes together. The stupid stuff, just ruined it. What could have been a Wedding Singer or a 50 First Dates, was two competing movies. One good and one bad. Now I can look the other way at a few items of humor that are not my thing and still appreciate or even love a movie despite those things (eg the androgynous aquarium worker in 50 First Dates). I would like to own the Non-Stupid-St8t edition of the DVD (or the Non-Devlin edition to use a phrase/joke from the movie). Not my Valentine's pick...stay home and watch a double feature of Wedding Singer and Object of My Affection for some quality Sandler and Aniston. Though I do hope they work together again, they are great together.

The music throughout the movie was excellent. Lots of Sting and mash-ups of Sting songs, as well as less commonly used Beach Boy songs. And there were several excellent cameos in the movie. I won't ruin the surprise (though, I don't recommend seeing this one in theaters, wait for DVD) but one typically serious actress is wonderfully wicked and funny in the film. In a way, I think it shows she has a sense of humor about herself (one hint, she is nominated for an Oscar this year). As the fabulous Miss Katy Hagert observed, Adam Sandler's wife Jackie Sandler, is in the opening scene of the movie. After a little research to confirm, the two were introduced by Rob Schneider after she appeared in Deuce Bigalow, and she has been in several other Adam Sandler movies.

One interesting thing I noticed in the credits, was that the movie was based on Cactus Flower. Cactus Flower is the 1969 movie with Goldie Hawn (she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her film debut in it), Walter Matthau and Ingrid Bergman (and that movie, was first a play).

Also, amid the eight or so trailers before the movie, I really laughed out loud at the preview for the Arthur remake starring Russell Brand (who is hosting SNL tonight). I would like to state for the record that long before Brand was with Katy Perry, before he was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall or hosted the MTV Video Awards, I knew who he was. I am a loyal viewer of the Graham Norton Show on BBC America and Brand was a frequent guest before making his hop across the pond and into Hollywood movies. Looks good. Hope its not just the trailer.

Anyone else hate the creepy music in the Battle: LA trailer?! Blah, not seeing that.

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